EXD Head stud kit (16V)

Replace your original screws with the affordable EXD-studs

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Product Description

Tired of the original bolts that can be unscrewed by hand after 50 000km? Or do you need for higher and more consistent clamping force than the original bolts offer? We developed a new affordable studs as alternative to ARP with fine stepping to increase strength. More threads in the block than the ARP and the original bolts to reduce the stress on the threads in the block and increase fatigue strength. Allenkey hole in the top of the bolt for easy mounting - direct fit or bolt on as we say! One kit contains 10 cylinder head bolts with nut and washer, and instructions for assembly. Suitable Saab 16V engines, with the exception Ecotecmotorn sitting in Sport Sedan / SportCombi. Torqued to 115Nm

Manual is downloaded here