Forged H-beam conrods 153mm

Forged 153mm rods for B235 and B204

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Product Description

It took one year for us to develop these rods, and it was worth it! The rods are designed for Saab engines, and nothing else. Its unnecessary to design a rod for 10 000rpm if its being used in a Saab engine, since our Saabs don't like to rev above 8000rpm hence the throw of the crankshaft. Instead we designed it to be strong on lower rpms (max 8000rpm) and for high combustion pressures. This gave us a light rod, that can take up to 20% more bending than the leading manufacture of rods in Sweden, at the same weight! Every set is delivered with ARP2000 bolts to ensure high quality throu the whole product. Every set is weight matched within ± 1 gram on total weight, small end and big end weight. Every set is controlled by us on EXD Custom before delivery and the weight certificate is signed and registerd in our database. We also control the small end play to ensure that your set of rods is ready-to-go when you receive them!

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