Forged camshaft 268/9.6mm

268/9.6mm camhafts for B2x4/B2x5 engines

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Product Description

Forged camshafts, used to move up the power in the rpm range to for example fully utilise larger turbochargers...

Timing of camshaft is recommended to get maximum power, we recommend the following settings (intake/exhaust) 1.5mm/1.2mm @ TDC

 Cams are sold in pairs, so one set = one engine!

  Technical specifications
Duration: 268 degrees
Lift: 9,6mm
Material: Forged steel from blanks
Timing values:
Alternative 1: 1.5/1.2 (intake/exhaust)
Alternative 2: 1.7/1.5 (intake/exhaust)

Alternative 2 typically gives more power but rougher idle